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Do you have old videotapes, slides, audio cassettes, photos, scrapbooks or other media containing priceless memories?

Have you considered how to preserve them for future generations?
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We provide personalized consulting to help you safeguard your precious records for generations to come.

We Help You to Create

Your Digital Home

Digitizing your outdated media. Securing all the digital files. Creating slideshows and enabling video streaming. Printing archival quality photos & projects. Researching your family history.

Dani’s Pixel Place chooses FOREVER-brand products and services to create a permanent Digital Estate from your stories and archives.

Get Printable Planning Guides

Dani’s Pixel Place has created checklists and planning guides to aid you in determining your best approach to creating your Digital Estate.

Digitize Standard Media

Video & Audio Tapes, Film & Audio Reels, Small Bundles of Photos, Negatives, or Slides

Purchase Permanent Cloud Storage

FOREVER is the only cloud storage on the market to guarantee your privacy, security, and viability with no data-mining & no future fees after purchase.

Digitize SPECIALTY Items

FOREVER technicians are trained to properly handle your fragile, over-sized, bound, and historical items. Specialty services are perfect for scrapbook pages & larger quantities of photos, slides, and negatives.

Print Photos & Photo Projects

We offer archival quality photo prints, as well as photo gifts (mugs, coasters, ornaments, notebookes, etc.), wall art (canvas, metal, or acrylic), and photo books in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Video Streaming

Stored videos can be downloaded as often as you wish, but the best option is to add our streaming services and just push play without downloading.

Family History Research

Whether you’re a seasoned genealogist or just starting your family history research, our team of researchers work one-on-one to fill in the details of your family tree.

Take the Task Off Your To-Do list with our

Concierge Services

Gift Vouchers

Purchase for yourself or as a gift.

Purchase for a family member or invite family members to purchase to assist with creating your family’s digital estate.

Concierge Services

We work behind the scenes to turn your photo, video, and data chaos into your private & permanent Digital Estate.

Concierge services are offered to a limited number of clients each month. Schedule a consultation today.

Printable Details & Pricing

What questions do you need to ask? Get some ideas from these printables. Plans can be tailored to meet your needs.

Join Our Team

Turn Your Passion into a Business

Whether you have an existing business or you’re starting from scratch, becoming part of the Pixel Place team means you’ll have our support and training in working toward your goals.

As a FOREVER ambassador, you’ll be able to offer your clients the best products and services with full support from the home office.