What’s My Story?

Like anyone, my story is filled with the twists and turns, forks in the road, dead-ends and doorways.

But, like you, I know that my story is unique, and all those parts of my journey have been marked solidly by a passion to tell, share, capture, and create stories.

And so, here I am, your best resource for preserving your stories, all the pixels, all the twists and turns.

I am ready and honored to guide your in finding a place for every pixel because every pixel tells a story.


What’s In a Name?

I am known as Dani, Mama to my kids, Dani Lea to Gram, Ms. Taylor in my professional world, and Mrs. Evans to my husband.

Each of these names is legit. I love each of them. And just like every picture, each of them has a story.

  • I have something in common with this cute little fellow – I too am vegan. And I live in a family of carnivores. My dad says, “She eats what food eats.” I’m okay with that!
  • We LOVE our pets. Currently, we have two cats and a dog. I lovingly refer to them as my Lazy Co-Workers!
  • We enjoy cooking too. It’s a challenge to keep the vegan/gluten-free fare separate from the carnivores’ food, but I do it. We make some good stuff here.
  • As a writer & reader and a lover of photos, one of my favorite hobbies is to take photos of old properties, rusted artifacts, and other “debris.” My mind reels with the stories that I imagine within them.